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Kind of permission for enterprises

When you start your own business in Poland, you have to know the most important rules. To run a some kind of a business, polish law determines special requirement.

Most of the rules are included in Act called: „Ustawa o swobodzie działalności gospodarczej”. So, what kind of license are in Poland and what kind of business are obligated to have it?  

Concession (koncesja)

That is the most restrictive kind of a polish permission. To get the concession, businessman have to fulfill a special technical condition, have a qualified staff and meet the clause. It is necessary to pay a due. 

Concession are provided by Polish Minister of Economy on fixed –term : 5 to 50 years.  

Kind of business, what are committed to have a concession:
-         Excavation gas and oil
-         Production and trade of weapon, ammunition
-        Trade of energy
-        Security of person and  property
-        Radio and television business
-         Air transport
-         Casino
When businessman get the concession, must access control.

License (licencja

License is a kind of permission, what is more easier to get it. However a businessman have to make a special condition, joined with qualification and technical conditions.

What kind of business is obligated to get a license
-        Be an accountant in bankruptcy 

-        Road transport
-        Rail transport

Register of  Regulated Business (Rejestr Działalności Regulowanej)

Some of business have to get the enrollment to the register. Businessman get this registration after he make a statement of made a conditions, and then can run a business.  

Apply on this register have to business:
-      Detective services
-      Safe-keeping personal documentation
-     Packaging protection resources of plants
-     Enterprises components
-      Horse Racing
-     Individual Medical Practice
-     Trade a seed
-      Bio – components production
-     Post services
-     Vehicle Inspection Station
-     Telecommunications activity
-      Travel services
-      Currency exchange
-      Wine products

Permission (zezwolenia

This is a form, what is not difficult to get it. To have a permission, businessman have to make an application in local government. After this application in enterprise abode the other office make a control. It depends on a kind of business, it could be a sanitary-epidemiological station or Financial Services Authority (in Poland is called “KNF”) 

A Polish government made a possibility for the businessman to apply on a permission by the online service: .

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