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Register Business

Before you seat in your comfortable boss' armchair, you need to register your firm. As a businessman you have to a duty of care to do the formal action with a special precision. 

Registration a new business in Poland, is not a complicated procedure. But is necessary to remember, that everything have to be consistent with formal requirements and legal procedure, which spaces in Poland. If we complete each document correctly, all the procedures take a short time. In this article I present an actions, what we have to do to beginning with a new firm according to polish law. Details of each procedure I present with the next article, where I will discuss blank and application.
Since 2011 in Poland spaces an “one – window rule”. This rule determines a specific form of registration business, and it means that all the procedure we do in one institution, and it let us do the registration during one day. The registration we do through the institution called “CEIDG”, which informs the rest institutions about the fact of beginning a new firm. The businessman have to go later to the other institution to accept an registration and give the personal data. 


Registration a new firm is completely free, so there is no duty of make a charge. 

The first step to register a new firm is a visit in Local Government. Businessman must have identity card and application, called CEIDG-1. There is two way of registration. First – traditional, where businessman just make an application, sign and submit in the local government.
The other way is the internet registration on the At first we have to generate the electronic sign on the when we have approved this sign, we can make an application in the electronic form. The electronic sign can be used in the future, when we will be running a business, for example by a statement of revenue in the Inland Revenue . That solution is very useful and it let us save a lot of time.
The application CEIDG – 1 have to include:
  • Name and last name ,
  • Address,
  • Seat of the enterprise ( it could be the same as the address ),
  • NIP number ( if we have yet this number, the Inland Revenue will send us for few days)
  • PESEL numer (if the bussinasman doesn’t have to this numer, should apply of get this, it’s necessary to run a business),
  • Business name
  • Date of start an activity,
  • Type of activity, according to a types, on:
  • Choise about form of taxation,
  • Local Inland Revenue
  • Information about storage firm document
After that, Local Government forward the information about registration a new firm to Inland Revenue (Tax Office) and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).
Social Insurance Institution – Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych – is the institution, which is engaged in social insurance of retirement and hospital. You have to visit ZUS until 7 days since registration a new firm.
REGON Number
When you register your first enterprise, you must have a REGON number. This number you get from the Central Statistical Office.
Inland Revenue
CEIDG send your registration to Inland Revenue, with your choice about form of taxation. Duty of visit in Inland Revenue is only in the case, when you want to be the tax – payer of VAT (Value Added Tax). You need to make an application VAT – R and make a due 170 PLN.
Business account
Natural person, who want to run a business, is obligated to have a bank account.
There is no duty to have that stamp,. But this is really useful during the activity.  You will be sign a lot of document, so the rubber stamp will save your time.
Permit and licenses
Some of industries and some form of a services need to have a licenses for do the activity. Before you start your business, you have to know everything about this.

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