Thursday, 29 May 2014

Why is it worth to invest in Poland?


Polish economy is the sixth – biggest in Europe. According to a Central Statistical Office Poland is the most growing economy in Europe. Since 1990, when government made liberalization of economy, and many of state- owned companies had been transformed by the private business. Now, this sector of economy, is open for the investors abroad.

Transformations, which has been made during last 20 years, influenced very positive on all the country. Polish businessman started to invest in their own companies, which has been growing throughout next years. This is really important, that Pole are very hard – working people, and they are always doing this job very carefully and precisely. This features let the Pole on getting a good opinion, when they are working abroad. But this is also the reason, why they are successful in their own business.
Polish economic is now in good condition, also because international agreement and membership in the international Communities. Poland is the member of the European Union, a member of European Community, a World Trade Organization and NATO. This membership let the Poland invest a capital abroad and exporting polish merchandise.
Polish industry includes fertilizers, petrochemicals, machine tools, electrical machinery, electronics, car manufacture and shipbuilding. Because of new possibilities, joined with membership in EU, Pole are really interested about growing industrial. They invest the money which they get from EU, especially in a new machines and technologist.
Poland is one of the most educated nationality in Europe. Most of young people is taking a study, so they become educated and specialized workers. Poland also famous for the student’s inventions, which is formed during their study researching. But Polish government doesn’t have enough money for helping all the invention, so the foreign capital is necessary to use new technology.
In my opinion, Poland is very promising economy, with a lot of possibilities. Polish businessman are open for a new technological solutions and for an international cooperation and they are very educated and specialized workers.

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