Thursday, 10 July 2014

Kind of permission for enterprises

When you start your own business in Poland, you have to know the most important rules. To run a some kind of a business, polish law determines special requirement.

Most of the rules are included in Act called: „Ustawa o swobodzie działalności gospodarczej”. So, what kind of license are in Poland and what kind of business are obligated to have it?  

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Register Business

Before you seat in your comfortable boss' armchair, you need to register your firm. As a businessman you have to a duty of care to do the formal action with a special precision. 

Registration a new business in Poland, is not a complicated procedure. But is necessary to remember, that everything have to be consistent with formal requirements and legal procedure, which spaces in Poland. If we complete each document correctly, all the procedures take a short time. In this article I present an actions, what we have to do to beginning with a new firm according to polish law. Details of each procedure I present with the next article, where I will discuss blank and application.
Since 2011 in Poland spaces an “one – window rule”. This rule determines a specific form of registration business, and it means that all the procedure we do in one institution, and it let us do the registration during one day. The registration we do through the institution called “CEIDG”, which informs the rest institutions about the fact of beginning a new firm. The businessman have to go later to the other institution to accept an registration and give the personal data. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

How to run a business in Poland?

Since Poland is the member of the European Union – 1 st May, 2004 – there was entered a new legislation, about run a business in Poland by a foreigners.
Citizens from some of the county can use the legal act in the same way as Polish businessman, but some of them have to satisfy a special condition.

Why is it worth to invest in Poland?


Polish economy is the sixth – biggest in Europe. According to a Central Statistical Office Poland is the most growing economy in Europe. Since 1990, when government made liberalization of economy, and many of state- owned companies had been transformed by the private business. Now, this sector of economy, is open for the investors abroad.